Method Support For Enterprise Architecture Capabilities

Wißotzki, Matthias (2016) Method Support For Enterprise Architecture Capabilities. ["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_phd" not defined] thesis, University of Rostock.

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Due to the global digitalization, fast shifting business models and short technology lifecycles, modern enterprises need strategies how to deal with those unpredictable changes to stay competitive. When implementing such strategies, enterprises have to be aware of its existing organizational and technical structures to estimate the impacts of change and to be able to quickly switch to other strategic alternatives. If impacts of change are not considered, the desired rapid strategic realignment can quickly result in a static business behavior and paralyzes business flexibility. In this context, Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) provides a powerful and prominent discipline for the systematic support of enterprise changes especially under consideration of business and IT perspectives. For instances, change processes could range from minor, continuous ongoing, intra-corporate changes to strategic, market-penetrating activities. Within all these activities, elements of the enterprise architecture and its management are affected independent of project's size or type of change. Thus, EAM is expected to support mentioned issues by capturing and managing these architecture elements, which could be manifested in a large number of processes, organizational units, machines, information systems, devices, data, networking infrastructure and its interrelations. EAM supports enterprises in the collection and management of (potential) impact on the architectural elements and its relationships caused by (targeted) changes. The resulting knowledge is a key factor for a comprehensive strategy assessment and implementation. To ensure this key factor, enterprises need to ask the question \textbackslashdqWhat should our EAM can do or is capable of?\textbackslashdq. As a basis for answering this question, the approaches of the capability management should serve as help, which experienced increasing attention in theory and practice. In this work, a capability-based method is developed, which assists in the identification, structuring and management of EAM capabilities. The Capability Management Guide (CMG) is based on an integrated capability approach that results from a number of scientific investigations. The approach is embedded in a process comprising four building blocks providing appropriated procedures, concepts and supporting tools evolved from theory and practical use cases. The Capability Management Guide represents a flexible method for capability newcomers and experienced audiences to optimize enterprises' economic impacts of EAM supporting business- and IT alignment.

Item Type: Thesis (["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_phd" not defined])
Uncontrolled Keywords: Capability Mangagement;Enterprise Architecture Management;Business-IT-Alignment;Strategy Management;IT Management
Subjects: A General Works
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