Information Demand Pattern for Teams

Stamer, Dirk and Sandkuhl, Kurt and Zeiner, Veronika (2016) Information Demand Pattern for Teams. Complex Systems Informatics Management Quarterly.

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Modern organizations face the challenge of having to manage an increasing amount of information. The resulting information overload leads more and more to problems in decision making with potentially negative economic consequences. Decision-makers and knowledge intensive workers are especially affected. To address this problem, information demand patterns were proposed which capture organizational knowledge about the information demand of single roles. This work extends the concept of information demand patterns from single roles to teams. Using the knowledge intensive field of project management, the paper shows how to apply the concept of information demand patterns for a whole team. The contributions of this work are (1) the methodical approach to develop information demand patterns for teams, (2) an actual information demand pattern for a steering committee in the context of project management, (3) reflections on the differences between role patterns and team patterns.

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