Towards Automated Process Model Annotation Support: Building Blocks and Parameters

Fellmann, Michael and Oehmgen, Felix (2017) Towards Automated Process Model Annotation Support: Building Blocks and Parameters. In: BIR 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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In business process modeling, semi-formal models typically rely on natural language used to express the labels of model elements. This can easily lead to ambiguities and misinterpretations. To mitigate this issue, the combina- tion of process models with formal ontologies or predefined vocabularies has of- ten been suggested. A cornerstone of such suggestions is to annotate elements from process models with ontologies or predefined vocabularies. Although an- notation is suggested in such works, past and current approaches rarely discuss building blocks, parameters and strategies for automating the tedious and error- prone manual task. In this paper, we hence first describe the nature of the anno- tation task. We then identify building blocks and parameters for automated sys- tems and describe an implementation of an annotation system we used to conduct first empirical studies on the effect of parameters. The paper at hand in sum pre- sents design options and parameters for (semi-) automatically linking semi-for- mal process models with more formal knowledge representations. It hence may be a source of inspiration for further explorations and experiments on that topic.

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