Reasoning About Process Models: What Description Logic Offers to Business Process Model Analysis

Fellmann, Michael (2017) Reasoning About Process Models: What Description Logic Offers to Business Process Model Analysis. In: Advances in Intelligent Process-Aware Information Systems. Springer, pp. 171-192.

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Business process models are important for the design and implementation of process-aware information systems. Up to now, process models are represented predominantly as semi-formal models. Such models rely on the natural language to describe the models content via labels associated to the model elements. Due to the ambiguities of natural language, the semantics thus is not clear and well-defined. This in turn leads to problems when analyzing process models such as misinterpretations by humans or incomplete answers to queries by machines. In order to tackle this challenge, description logic-based ontologies provide well-defined semantics and can be used to represent graph-like knowledge structures such as business process models. Yet, up to now the capabilities of modern ontology languages are not widely used to represent, query and reason about process models. Therefore, the chapter presents an amalgamation of process models with ontologies. This amalgamation is formed by process models being represented in an ontology and being annotated with further elements of that ontology. In this way, the process model elements are augmented by machine processable semantics. By means of a concrete example, it is illustrated which deductions can be inferred using standard reasoning engines. With this, “intelligent” answers to queries executed against the knowledge base containing the process knowledge are possible that advance the model-based design of process aware information systems. Finally, an existing tool is briefly presented as a proof-of-concept. It allows creating and querying the ontology-based representation. This chapter is an excerpt of the introductory part of [1] which has been extended and revised.

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